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NOVUHAIR ® Officially Launches NOVU VIP CLUB

    What a great way to celebrate NOVUHAIR’s 10 years of success in the Philippines. With the aim of highlighting further the brand’s advocacy campaign Nothing to lose, NOVUHAIR ® introduces Go for the Perfect 10! with the launch of its NOVU VIP CLUB.      The NOVU VIP CLUB is designed to guide, inspire and…
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Do you need to wait for Black Friday to shop online?

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Before may be yes, because the Black Friday event lasted only a day and have a massive and various discounted items. But later on... it became a week long. But after a few years... The Black Friday event is almost like every week or every day. Therefore you don't need to wait the Black Friday…
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What is Black Friday sales event and benefits?

Black Friday

There is a large number of companies who make use of Cyber Monday and Black Friday as a mean to grab the attention of different users for purchasing different items online. Cyber Monday and Black Friday is a day where all shoppers can easily shop for different available online products. Also, it’s a term used…
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Online Businesses Attest to Benefits Offered by LBC’s COP/COD

    Online sellers are on the race to sell their products to an eager market who have found shopping in the internet more convenient. But more than just selling their goods, online merchants are also enticing customers by giving them the most worry-free experience, from buying to paying and getting their orders the way…
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A Christmas Wish List

    This Christmas, give yourself the things you deserve. Just like the past Christmases, people you love will ask you for your wish list of things you want to receive. However, this Christmas, why don’t you try to give yourself your wishes instead of having to ask for it from other people. Yes, it…
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Honestbee for a Healthier Me

    Every year I make it my resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle. The first few days are doable but the days that follow become a dread. Healthy food options are either too expensive or not readily available – reasons why I have a difficult time in attaining my goal. I haven’t been getting…
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Live and Travel Wisely with GetGo and its Lifestyle Partners

    Finding the right balance between work and personal life will always be one of the struggles of millennial moms. As both career- and family-oriented individuals, they strive to provide only the best for their loved ones to live a peaceful and happy life.   In recognition of their amazing roles, GetGo, the lifestyle…
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